Month: February 2015


Started in 1997, the National Education Association started Read Across America. It is celebrated on March 2nd, honoring Dr. Seuss’s birthday, the beloved author of Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, and dozens more. His books have inspired children of all ages around the globe.

Starting Monday, March 2nd there will be hundreds of activities all across the country. Geared to encourage children of all ages to keep reading, everyone appears to have jumped on board; governors, mayors, politicians galore are eager to help the cause. Principals, administrators, and teachers will dress up and read; anything to get their children excited about reading. Such an important factor from an early age, reading needs to be a happy and exciting experience.

Be sure and check out as a starting point. Check your local school and libraries for information on activities near you. You can also join the Read Across America Fan page on Facebook You don’t want to forget to go to Read Across America Channel on for all the latest videos.

Yours truly will be participating in local activities with our State Senator. Reading – and reading well is so important, it will affect literally every aspect of your life. Need to drive, then you need to read. Need to take some medicine, then you need to read. Reading that thrilling mystery, or your very first book of poetry, reading is not only a necessity but it can bring years of joy. Go forth – and read to someone today.