Cindy Freland

Let me introduce you to Cindy Freland, author and owner of Maryland Secretarial Services, Inc.


Cindy Freland

Cindy Freland

Can you tell us who you are and what genre(s) you write in?

Cindy Freland’s passion is teaching workshops, designing and managing Facebook pages and helping authors get their books on Amazon. She has written many business books, including one on Facebook for business, “Easy Guide to Your Facebook Business Page,” and several children’s books. Freland lives in Bowie, Maryland with her family and dog, Juno. She enjoys crafts, painting, walking, swimming, animals, beaches, and baking.


Pick one topic you think somehow sets you apart and tell us about it. Be it the twist you always incorporate into your stories, or how you build your novel. Is there something different about how you approach your writing that you would like to share?

I love writing children’s books about the Chesapeake Bay. It helps children learn the beauty and the bounty of the Bay, life lessons, and 20 facts about the Bay creatures. I always include a human and their relationship with the Bay creatures.


What are the books you have published to date?

Pond Adventures with Aragon

Felix and the Purple Giant

Easy Guide to Your Facebook Business Page

Get a Job! Your Resume and Interview Guide

Monkey Farts: A Guide to Selling Your Handmade Crafts and Direct Sales Products

Easy and Free Self-Publishing: A Guide to Getting Your Book in Print and Kindle on Amazon

An American Virtual Assistant: The “Good, Bad and Ugly of Owning a Business Support Service

You Might Be Surprised: Marketing Ideas to Help Grow Your Business

Who Ate All The Apples? Lessons from my Brother

Mud Pies

No More Excuses: How to start a profitable business from your home on a shoestring budget

Jordan the Jellyfish: A Chesapeake Bay Adventure  cover jordan front


Curtis the Crab: A Chesapeake Bay Adventure  cover Curtis front

Heather the Honey Bee: A Chesapeake Bay Adventure  cover heather front


What books can we expect to see in the near future? The following books will be available by September 2015.

Oakley the Oyster: A Chesapeake Bay Adventure

Olivia the Osprey: A Chesapeake Bay Adventure

Chester the Chipmunk: A Chesapeake Bay Adventure

Christmas with Marco: A Chesapeake Bay Adventure


Then I hope to have at least another three books in the Chesapeake Bay Adventure series in 2016 but I don’t know the titles yet. I hope to write a story about Sampson the Seahorse.


Please share any awards, honors, etc. that you have received. I have not received any awards or honors for my books yet. However, I have received three awards for my virtual assistant business, Maryland Secretarial Services, Inc.


Please share any social media links, websites, radio show interviews, etc.

You may purchase books, t-shirts, and tote bags on my website at:


My Facebook links are:


Book review by E.M. Whittaker:


Radio Book Reading with J.D. Holiday:


Radio Interview with Cyrus Webb:


If you could convey one message that would be heard all over the world, what would it be and why?

Respect and love each other and that includes the creatures. We only live one life, enjoy it to the fullest without war and hate.

books three


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