Time of Transition

This is the time for new beginnings. Spring has always meant that to me. The first crocuses emerge, heralding the seeming endless new signs that spring has sprung. The birds are calling, their migrations in full swing. Spring peepers, those wonderful little frog songs I so love to hear, and the tiny buds bursting on most of the trees, all are meant to awaken the soul.

As I look around I remember the sadness I felt last year when I finally came to the realization that the butterflies were not coming. Last year, to my utter surprise, only three butterflies passed through. Asking my neighbors, they too, spoke of the decline of butterflies in their yards. Although small, my yard in crammed full of Joe Pye Weed, Butterfly Bushes, Milkweed, and Cone flowers. Parsley is grown for the wee little ones. I have everything in place for the caterpillars as they make their transition.

Since last year, I have endlessly exhausted myself telling everyone around me about the plight of the butterflies. I have successfully converted a few people from using damaging pesticides to using products like vinegar as an alternative. I have also encouraged family and friends to plant native milkweed in their yards. It would be such a shame, a black mark on our time period, if we willingly allowed the butterfly to go the way of the Dodo. I have pictures ready to show my grandchildren, just in case.

For now, I will till my garden with love, enjoy my outdoor symphony called, “The Frogs,” set my hummingbird feeder out, plant some more milkweed, and wait for the butterflies. While waiting for my friends to come I will spend my time outside reflecting on the mysteries of the world. Who knows, maybe I will come up with some answers.



Friday The Th Images
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Jackie Mae

For some, Friday the 13th can be a day to hide under the sheets kind of day. Even though I was rear ended in a car accident years ago on Friday the 13th, I consider it to be a lucky day. Lucky I didn’t get hurt, lucky I am still here.

Back in the day, certain members of my family would say, “If I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.” I remember being told, “Never cross a black cat’s path,” and yes, “Don’t step on the cracks in the sidewalk”—I was little and I believed.

However, for the most part, I now believe luck is what you make it. You may have good luck but what led you there is important. So today branch out, be happy, and make your own lucky day. Friday the 13th just may be your best day ever.

Pictures from Read Across America Day

First and foremost, thank you to our State Senator, Senator Edward Reilly and his staff, for inviting Alison and I to join in the festivities at the State House. Arriving early in the morning, Alison and I were warmly greeted by Senator Reilly and The Cat in The Hat.

After introductions all around and group photos we were given a tour. Everywhere you looked there were impressive views. The stairs were magnificent for goodness sake; so I knew the rest of the tour would leave me awe struck. I think I stepped where General George Washington once walked. My hands were on the marble railing that many former senators lightly touched as they descended for an important meeting that would ultimately move our great state forward.

We were given the chance to sit in on a legislative session. During the session, Senator Reilly announced our names and we received a round of applause as local authors. Just to know that our names will be recorded in the State Archives gives me tremendous pride.

Another local author, Valerie Ormond, was also in attendance. We had a wonderful experience; one that I will never forget.

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Started in 1997, the National Education Association started Read Across America. It is celebrated on March 2nd, honoring Dr. Seuss’s birthday, the beloved author of Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, and dozens more. His books have inspired children of all ages around the globe.

Starting Monday, March 2nd there will be hundreds of activities all across the country. Geared to encourage children of all ages to keep reading, everyone appears to have jumped on board; governors, mayors, politicians galore are eager to help the cause. Principals, administrators, and teachers will dress up and read; anything to get their children excited about reading. Such an important factor from an early age, reading needs to be a happy and exciting experience.

Be sure and check out http://www.nea.org/grants/886.htm as a starting point. Check your local school and libraries for information on activities near you. You can also join the Read Across America Fan page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/neareadacrossamerica. You don’t want to forget to go to Read Across America Channel on http://www.schooltube.com/channel/neareadacrossamerica/ for all the latest videos.

Yours truly will be participating in local activities with our State Senator. Reading – and reading well is so important, it will affect literally every aspect of your life. Need to drive, then you need to read. Need to take some medicine, then you need to read. Reading that thrilling mystery, or your very first book of poetry, reading is not only a necessity but it can bring years of joy. Go forth – and read to someone today.

At home now on WordPress

Sadly I have left Blogger behind. It was not user friendly. The hours I spent trying to “trick” it to do my bidding has come to an end. I am now safely entrenched here on WordPress. I will be adding a lot of fun tips, tricks, and ramblings along with the occasional short story, author interview, guest interview, and free postings of all good books.  Woo Hoo