Rebecca Bryn

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I live on a smallholding in West Wales with my husband and rescue dog, and a load of sheep. I love writing stories with twists and unexpected endings, because life is like that. I write stories with layers, stories within stories, about flawed characters, because none of us are perfect. I draw on personal experience, using it to create emotional depth in situations I can, thankfully, only imagine. I love tackling challenging subjects, child-abduction and Nazi death-camps being but two: loss, love and relationships are major factors in my writing as they are in real life.

Like one of my characters, I’m an artist and I see writing and painting as very similar past-times. Both require observation and an understanding of subject, seeing beyond the surface of places, people and situations and imparting a deeper meaning.

Books I love reading are those that take me to places I’ve never been, be it morally, physically, spiritually or emotionally, that teach me something about myself, inspire me and make me think. I hope the novels I write will do that for my readers.


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